Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (Japanese Edition)

Random Access Memories Album ArtworkBangalter described the album’s title as encapsulating Daft Punk‘s interest in the past, referencing both random-access memory technology and the human experience: “We were drawing a parallel between the brain and the hard drive – the random way that memories are stored.” Daft Punk felt that while current technology allows for an unlimited capacity to store recorded material, the content produced by contemporary artists had diminished in quality. Their goal was therefore to maximize the potential of infinite storage by recording a sprawling amount of elements. The duo pointed to the process as being further inspiration for the album’s title, as they sought to make connections out of the random series of ideas.

Standard Edition
No. Title Length
1 Give Life Back to Music 4:34
2 The Game of Love 5:21
3 Giorgio by Moroder 9:04
4 Within 3:48
5 Instant Crush (Feat. Julian Casablancas) 5:37
6 Lose Yourself to Dance (Feat. Pharrell Williams) 5:53
7 Touch (Feat. Paul Williams) 8:18
8 Get Lucky (Feat. Pharrell Williams) 6:08
9 Beyond 4:50
10 Motherboard 5:41
11 Fragments of Time (Feat. Todd Edwards) 4:39
12 Doin’ It Right (Feat. Panda Bear) 4:11
13 Contact 6:21
Japanese edition bonus track
14 Horizon 4:24

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